Professional High-End GAS HOB Customization
Zhongshan Cucinarte Intelligent Kitchen specialized in gas hob production. With passion
on product innovation and safety improvement, Cucinarte is able to deliver most fashionable
products tocustomer ends.
Thanks to the support from Kiwa Gas, Cucinarte implemented certified testing lab, which is
capablefor testing gas hob in compliance with CE and GB standard. In 2017, Cucinarte has
achieved 18 patents including three that would said to be a breakthrough for high efficiency
and supported by Zhongshan Innovation Fund. Marching on to 2020, Cucinarte promised to
deliver more fruitful outcomes for our clients.

Over 200+ models in our showroom for your options.

Our professional R&D team and sales group would offer you

the best product solutions as per your demand.

Our company have been implementing ERP & MESQ systems,

so that we can ensure process transparency from order plan

to delivery, and greatly improve production efficiency.

Quality and Safety is our fundamental aim.

We must supervise and inspect strictly each of the links

from raw material, production to delivery.

CE Certificate
ISO 9001:2008
High And New Company & product Award